Meet Carlos Habet, Your Los Angeles Freight Agent

Carlos Habet took the wheels after garnering over ten years experience in the world of logistics and freight forwarding and formed his own company, “Belizean Queen Freight Services” in early 2017. He continues to offer the same great service and dedication he’s provided for all these years, now proudly branded with his own stamp. Carlos grew up in San Ignacio, Cayo – son to iconic figures in the community, Alejandro (Alexi) and Thelma Habet – where he attended Sacred Heart Primary and High Schools. He moved to the US at a very young age and studied finance and accounting. Carlos is passionate about his two boys, Khalil and Spencer, his beautiful daughter, Jasmine, food from his Lebanese roots, barbecue from San Ignacio, Cayo, Punta Music, Our very own Belikin Beer and just about anything Belizean!

Meet Shelly Gillett, Your Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Miami Agent

Shelly Gillett grew up in the Orange Walk District in Belize, where she worked as a radio personality for a few years before moving to the US almost two decades ago. She was introduced as a junior broadcaster and junior anchor in Orange Walk at a local radio station and eventually moved on to land a job at the prestigious Love FM, Belize’s largest and oldest Radio Station. Shelly’s humble beginnings started at Louisiana Gov’t School, after which she went on to attend Muffles High and St Johns. Her short passion for pageants gained her titles of “Miss Muffles”, “Miss Pan America” and “Miss Queen of the Bay Belize”…although you won’t hear her speaking of these often. She further majored Psychology, because she has always enjoyed studying behavioral patterns and human development. She is proud Mom to boys Spencer & Zavian, who keep her extremely busy and loved! Shelly runs away to Belize every opportunity she gets, whether to manage freight affairs, dip into one of the many fund-raising efforts she is so passionate about, or simply to vacation and visit family. She can often be found at the various Caribbean and Belizean events in her community in Houston, Texas where she lives. Houston is home to the second largest Belizean Queen Freight Hub, which is run by Shelly. She has been an active freight forwarder for almost 10 years out of California, most recently expanding to Texas! Shelly enjoys great company, quick get-aways, good scotch, a cold beer, a serious soca soundtrack, and a good read.