ALL BOXES, BARRELS, PACKAGES AND ITEMS BEING SHIPPED ARE SUBJECT TO INSPECTION BY UNITED STATES CUSTOMS AND BELIZE CUSTOMS OR ANY POINT OF ENTRY OR RELEVANT AUTHORITIES (NO EXCEPTIONS). IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED to put cash, monetary instruments, firearms, drugs, jewelry, or liquor in any box, barrel, package or item being shipped. Any and all electronics, including but not limited to cell phones, tablets, computers, printers, laptops, etc., as well as all appliances must be sent in their original packaging from the manufacturer, and each item must be declared. BQF is not responsible for any damages to or losses of electronics or appliances that were not shipped in their original manufacturer packaging. In the event of damage to or loss of any electronic item meeting shipping criteria, BQF is only liable for up to $200.00 USD in damages to or loss of the same. Receipts must be furnished for any and all items against which damage or loss is being claimed. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to ensure that goods and contents within boxes, barrels, packages, items, etc. being shipped are properly packaged, taped, and secured for shipment. Furthermore, BQF is not responsible for items exceeding a value of $200.00 USD per box, barrel, package or item. BQF extends the courtesy of receiving and consolidating packages for customers and providing photographic proof of the same after receipt; however, BQF is not responsible for any errors committed by the seller or shipper from whom the items were sent. BQF is not responsible for any damages to or losses of packages shipped to BQF for which it has not provided photographic proof of receipt. The maximum liability of BQF in the event of damage or loss will be $200.00 USD per box, barrel, package or item. The use of BQF’s Houston address as stated above by any customer for the purpose of having items delivered to and received by BQF constitutes customer compliance with the handling of said items by BQF, which includes but is not limited to the consolidation of said items. In the event of an act of God, natural disaster, loss of container, accident, or force majeure, BQF IS NOT LIABLE for any losses. BQF is not liable for delays caused by the shipping line. Customers must make claims of damages to or losses of boxes, barrels, packages or items in writing to BQF within 72 hours of receipt of the same. BQF will not be responsible after 72 hours if we do not receive a written claim within that period. BQF will not be responsible for boxes, barrels, packages or items abandoned for more than 60 days after its scheduled delivery date. After 60 days, abandoned boxes, barrels, packages and items become the property of BQF.